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Auckland Plumbing - spouting


Replacement or realignment of spouting often goes with renovation work if the roof pitch or exterior design is changed in some way. We can look after your spouting requirements including hand-making any spouting type. If it is colour-steel, copper, zinc, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic we can make it. We can even do lead gutters, although not common in New Zealand.

Drain laying

We can lay drains outside your home or under the flooring. Under floor drains can be a large cost saving and once they are tucked away under the floor they very seldom cause trouble if done correctly.

Our favourite system is the AS3500 drainage principles system. For a number of reasons (size is one) we think this is the best. If we are fitting this drainage system into a first level ceiling then you might want to incorporate some sound proofing. Sound proof pipe is readily available and we know how to install it and what system is best for you. We can even supply you with decibel limitations.

Blocked Drains

  • Blocked drains can stop wastewater draining away and as a result cause a messy, smelly problem! 
  • Blocked storm-water drains can cause flooding and a large amount of damage.

If you notice that water is draining away very slowly or it is difficult to flush your toilet it could be a blockage. 

We will come out and take a look at the problem - it may even be outside your property and therefore not your responsibility. If only one drain is causing a problem it is more likely to be somewhere in your pipes so identifying the location of the blockage is one of the first things to do.

Drains can become blocked through large objects not designed to be flushed or washed away, excess toilet paper or fat accumulation. Root growth can also cause drains to block or it could even be a collapsed pipe.

We will know how to deal with your drain problem. Regardless of the cause, call us today for friendly, expert advice and service.

Hose gaps

Need an extra hose gap? We can help! They can be fitted below ground in a toby box for easy access so they don't get in the way when you're mowing your lawn.

Backflow valves

If backflow is an issue we can install and certify back flow valves.

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Fast and reliable service! Highly recommend.

Alexandra Renall

Latest Gasfitting and Plumbing News

Warning gas will run out soon met with scorn by industry

The plumbing and gas fitting industry is pouring scorn on claims that gas will run out soon in New Zealand and people need to think twice before buying gas-fired appliances.

The argument began when Consumer New Zealand warned that New Zealand natural gas reserves were forecast to last for only 10 years.

It suggested people should take this into account when buying gas heaters.

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