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Hot water makes up 30 per cent of a typical power bill, so how do you reduce the amount of hot water you use?

  • Check your hot water cylinder temperature. If it has an adjustable thermostat, it should be set to about 60°C. Any higher, and it will cost you money. Don't set it any lower than 60 degrees or it could become home to the potentially fatal Legionella bacteria.
  • Listen for dripping noises. Drips cost money – a new washer for a tap costs a few cents.
  • Don't let your hot water tap run unless you are using it.  When washing your hands and face, turn off the tap until you actually need it.  Same with brushing teeth.
  • Save luxurious bubble-baths for special occasions, because showers are much more efficient. And when in the shower, get in, do what you have to and get out again. Use a timer if needed.
  • If you do enjoy a long, luxurious shower then switch from a 12 litre showerhead to a "low-flow" one (less than 9 litres) will reduce your shower hot water spend. Test if you need a new showerhead by getting a 10 litre bucket and put it in the shower. If it fills in less than a minute at your normal temperature, you're wasting water.
  • Consider wraps for your hot water cylinder and pipe insulation.
  • In the kitchen, dishwashers are more efficient than you doing it by hand. Make sure each load is full, and rinse any dishes in cold water only.  Consider scraping your dishes off rather than rinsing them if you can.
  • And in the laundry – cold washes are perfectly adequate for clothes that are only lightly dirty. Do a hot wash occasionally to clean out any built up residues. 
  • For your appliances like your clothes washer, look for ones with a good energy rating.

Customer Testimonials

Contacted Ariel Plumbers and Gas Fitters about replacing our aging Freeloader. Arranged with Greg who took a look at what I had already. Advised Greg that we wanted an instant hot water system and Rinnai 26 he gave a competitive quote for removal and replacement with Rinnai. Easy to arrange and good contact and completed the work in no time, old boiler taken away so no mess. He also tightened up a tap in our kitchen whilst here!
These guys I highly recommend and will use again for any plumbing or gas work in the future !

Paul Whapshott

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